Walther Neck Knife

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NECKKNIFE - Walther Neck Knife with 2.48" Blade. Kydex Sheath included.


Product Group: Knives
Brand: Walther
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This knife is small, I was expecting it a bit bigger even though I know it is a neck knife but I assumed it would be a bit larger for regular medium sized hands. I have rather small hands so it fits decent for me but I have a feeling it will be too small for majority of people out there.

At least with the knife I received, the blade was not that sharp, it could cut but not as consistently with the sheet of paper cutting test people usually do. It is a cheap knife so I suppose you could expect that but there are other budget orientated brands out there that give you knives straight out the box. Regardless, you can easily sharpen it yourself, it is made out of 440 stainless steal but I am not exactly sure off hand what type of 440 it is.

Now with the sheath, it holds the knife securely but I suspect after many uses of it, it'll wear out and lose retention because it seems to rub against the divots that are there to hold it tightly. You can see it is because each time I have taken it out, you can see the plastic somewhat scrapping the side of the blade. That may also annoy some people that it's leaving somewhat marks on the blade but again, if it is a budget utility knife, it'll eventually happen and you get what you pay for.

Since it is a rather small knife and materials used for it aren't cumbersome, it seems light enough to actually hang around the neck if one choose to actually carry it in its intended use. I personally have not tried wearing it around my neck to see how comfortable it is but I assume it wouldn't be bothersome. Now because it is small, especially the handle, if used as a self defense tool, I am not sure if it would be quickly deployable since you do not have that much to grab on and will have to quickly adjust your hand to shove the finger into the finger holes for better grip all the while doing this under extreme duress. This can probably work as a small boot knife too but as with not trying it on around the neck, I have not tried it on a shoe either.
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